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We provide a 24/7 support help-desk wherein you can contact dedicated engineers via phone, live chat, email and video calls.


You will get access to 120 byte-sized lessons featuring the most detailed & interactive explanations of BIG Data & Hadoop.


You will get unlimited access to our real time multi-cluster cloud based labs to implement your practicals & projects.


Every week, you will get a live instructor masterclass featuring  either a concept discussion or a live project implementation.


We have a repository of 7+ projects featuring domains such as Retail, Finance, Healthcare, Banking and Entertainment.


The certification you get at the end of the course is recognized by all our 50+ corporate partners. We’re also compatible with the Cloudera & Hortonworks certification.

What is the course curriculum?

You will get the entire Hadoop 2.x ecosystem broken down into step-by-step lessons, making it very easy for you to grasp all the concepts & components.

Course List

Introduction to Big Data

• Big Data – Use Cases, Challenges & Apache Hadoop Versions, Clusters, Vendors
• HDFS & MapReduce

Hadoop Installation

• Initial Configuration
• Single Node & MultiNode Setup
• JobTracker & TaskTracker Setup

HDFS Architecture

• HDFS Read/Write, HDFS Replication
• NamdeNode & DataNode Communications
• Data Loading Workflows

Cluster Administration

•  Logging, Configuring Rack Awareness, Hadoop Balancer
•  Storage, User Setup & Quota’s

Cluster Planning

• Planning Hadoop Cluster: Sizing, Hardware, Network & Software Considerations

Distribution and Scheduler

• FIFO, Fair Scheduler
• Configuring the schedulers and run MapReduce Jobs

Backup and Recovery

• Backup of Metadata, Configuration Files
• Copy Data across clusters using distcp, Fsimage Viewer
• Setup Trash for Hadoop

Upgrade and Security

• Configuring Iptables, kerboros, Snapshots, Web HDFS & proxies, Central Repository
• Using Clush to Execute Commands and Alternatives to HDFS

Sqoop and Flume

• Importing Data from MySQL into Hadoop using Sqoop
• Installing and Configuring Flume
• Data Streaming

Pig and Hive

• Introduction to Hive & PIG – Setup & Scripting
• Job Scheduling Protocols
• Streaming Operations

High Availability

• JYARN Framework: Execution & WorkFlow
• Configuring High Availability Using QJM


• HDFS Federation – Introduction, Activation and Applications
• Utilizing HDFS Federation

NoSQL in Big Data

• CAP Theorem, NoSQL – Flavors & Types
• Hbase – Introduction, Architecture & Use-Cases

Cloudera Distribution

• Introduction to CDH. Open Source Projects & Integrations
• Complete CDH Project Lifecycle

MapR Distribution

• Introduction to MapR. 
Open Source Projects & Integrations
• Complete MapR Project Lifecycle 

Performance Tuning and Benchmarking

• Introduction to Performance & Reporting. Success Benchmarks
• Troubleshooting. Standard Protocols

Deploying Hadoop

• Hadoop Deployment Pipeline
• Checklist & Considerations
• Complete Deployment Lifecycle

Monitoring Hadoop

• Service Oriented Monitoring
• HDFS Metrics, MapReduce counters, YARN metrics, ZooKeeper Metrics

Course List

Big Data & Hadoop
Apache Spark & Scala
Data Sciences via R
Java & Selenium
Angular 5
Python & Django
Hadoop Admin
Machine Learning

Course List