InsightView combines the best of world-class analytics expertise, intuitive software and business consultancy services to bring you actionable and intelligent insights.


InsightView collects transactional data from various sources and customer touch points in your system.
It transforms them into meaningful performance indicators and trends.
InsightView analyses can then extend to help you predict, forecast and optimize your business decisions in the the future.

Data explorer

Bring the best of data management to your company. We can connect to any type of data sources and process structured and unstructured data.

Advanced Visualization

Use the suite of advanced visualizations to present your insights better using interactive charts and dashboards.

Statistical modelling

Develop statistical models and generate insights that go beyond traditional analyses.


Understand your business performance today,
and arrive at new insights


Get your team on a single page, get your
entire organisation on to one platform


Create a homogenous data-driven analytic
culture and give birth to new ideas by
exploiting the power of data to predict,
plan and win


The decision is bigger than the data

We use a top-down approach in building the analytical systems.
We begin with your business strategy and get down to the burrows of your
transactional data. This allows us to create a clear and visual relationship
between your business goal and operational performance.

Democratise the
decision-making process

Visualise insights from various decision
making points


Avoid long-drawn scenario thinking
development and deployment
timelines for Reporting and
Analytics platform

Business decisions’ needs should
drive data structuring, analytical
models, technology and
delivery vehicles