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We provide a 24/7 support help-desk wherein you can contact dedicated engineers via phone, live chat, email and video calls.


You will get access to 120 byte-sized lessons featuring the most detailed & interactive explanations of BIG Data & Hadoop.


You will get unlimited access to our real time multi-cluster cloud based labs to implement your practicals & projects.


Every week, you will get a live instructor masterclass featuring  either a concept discussion or a live project implementation.


We have a repository of 7+ projects featuring domains such as Retail, Finance, Healthcare, Banking and Entertainment.


The certification you get at the end of the course is recognized by all our 50+ corporate partners. We’re also compatible with the Cloudera & Hortonworks certification.

What is the course curriculum?

You will get the entire Java & Selenium ecosystem broken down into step-by-step lessons, making it very easy for you to grasp all the concepts & components.

Course List

Java Basics & Constructs

• Overview, Data Types & Variables
• Arrays
• Looping Constructs
• Class & Objects
• Constructor

OOPs Concepts

• Defining & Importing Packages, Inheritance, Method & Classes, Method Overloading & Overriding, Super Keyword

Interfaces & Enums

• Abstract: Class, Methods 
• Interfaces: Defining & Implementation
• Enums
• Dynamic Data Storage
• Exceptions


•  Java Thread Mode, Creating Threads, Thread Priorities & Synchronization
•  Runnable Class, Deadlock, Inter-thread Communication

SQL, Databases & JDBC

• SQL: Basics, Installation, Commands, Functions, Joins
• DriverManager, ResultSet
• JDBC: Operations, Drivers, Integration with Eclipse

Selenium Components

• Introduction to Selenium
• Test Automation, Comparisons, Supported Browsers and Platforms
• Components: IDE, RC, WebDriver

Selenium RC

• Architecture
• Locator Concepts
• Firebugs, IE & Chrome Tools, Xpath Techniques

Selenium WebDriver

• Webdriver Workflows
• Configuring in Eclipse
• Cross Browser Testing
• Handling Webtables & Alerts

Validation Statements

• Validation: Page Content, title, URL, Text Box Value, Color, Radio Buttons, Checkboxes & Fields

WebDriver Advanced

• Waits: Explicit & Implicit 
Screenshots, Cookies
Migration of Selenium1 to Selenium2
• Keyboard Handling & Mouse Events

Unit Testing Framework

• Junit: Basics, Configuring with Eclipse & WebDriver
• TestNg Framework
• Parallel Script Execution, Suite Creation Methodology
• Report Generation & Assertions

Selenium Grid

• Hub & Node Configuration
• Customization & Parallel Execution
• Sikuli: Image recognition & Integration
• AutoIt: Need, Basics, Calling Script

Data Driven Tests

• Reading from Excel File
• Reading & Writing Text/CSV File
• Reading/Writing Database

Page Object Model (POM)

• Understanding Page Object Model – Applications & Advantages
• Creating a Page Object Model in Java
• Selenium Operations

Maven & Jenkins Integration

• Apache Maven: Installation, Configuration, Dependencies
• Jenkins: Installation & Configuration

BDD & Cucumber

• Scenario Keywords
• Step Definitions & Runner Class
• Cucumber: HTML & JSON Reports

Course List

Big Data & Hadoop
Apache Spark & Scala
Data Sciences via R
Java & Selenium
Angular 5
Python & Django
Hadoop Admin
Machine Learning

Course List