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You will get access to 120 byte-sized lessons featuring the most detailed & interactive explanations of BIG Data & Hadoop.


You will get unlimited access to our real time multi-cluster cloud based labs to implement your practicals & projects.


Every week, you will get a live instructor masterclass featuring  either a concept discussion or a live project implementation.


We have a repository of 7+ projects featuring domains such as Retail, Finance, Healthcare, Banking and Entertainment.


The certification you get at the end of the course is recognized by all our 50+ corporate partners. We’re also compatible with the Cloudera & Hortonworks certification.

What is the course curriculum?

You will get the entire Machine Learning ecosystem broken down into step-by-step lessons, making it very easy for you to grasp all the concepts & components.

Course List

Introduction to AI

• Concept of Artificial Intelligence
• Environmental Constrains, Agent Types, PEAS Problem Analysis
• AI Agent Process Flow
• AI Applications
• Constructor

Introduction to Machine Learning

• Concept of Machine Learning
• Supervised & Unsupervised Learning, Regression & Classification Problems
• ML Applications

Introduction to Python

• Python – Concepts & IDE
• String Manipulation, List, Tuples, Dictionaries & Variables

Advanced Python

•  Control Structures: IF Loop, FOR Loop, WHILE Loop, Single Line Loops
•  User Defined Functions, OOPs Concepts
•  Class & Inheritance

Data Structures & Manipulation

• Introduction to Numpy Arrays
• Indexing & Data Processing
• Basics of Statistics & Mathematical Computing
• File Input & Output

Data Structures & Manipulation II

• Introduction to Pandas
• Data Operations – Import, Export, Selection, Filtering, Combining & Merging Dataframes
• Duplicate Removal & Strings

Visualization via Python

• Visualization via Python
• Python Visualization Libraries, Matplotlib, Creating Line Plots, Bar Charts, Pie Charts, Histograms, Scatter Plots

Data Visualization via Seaborn

• Basic Plots, Color Palettes, Data Plotting, Visualizing Linear Relationships, Plotting on data-aware grids, HeatMap, Histogram, Barplot, Factor plot, Density Plot, Joint Distribution Plot

Linear Regression

• Regression: Mathematical Modeling & Analysis
• Algorithms, Models, Predictive Regularization & Validation
• Multivariate Regression Models

Advanced Regression

• Creating Regression Models via Python
• Data Transformations, Multicollinearity, Heteroscedasticity and Data Modelling
• Significance Identification & Testing
• Line of Best Fit
• Keyboard Handling & Mouse Events

Decision Trees & Random Forests

• Creating a Decision Tree
• Components & Mathematics of Decision Trees
• Evaluation Models
• Random Forest Mathematics
• Algorithms & Use-cases

Artificial Neural Networks

• Introduction to ANN – Neurons & Perceptron Model
• Multi-layer & Feed Forward Neural Networks
• Back-propagation Algorithm & Mathematical Modeling
• Programming Flow & Algorithms
• ANN Use-cases

Artificial Neural Networks – II

• Creating ANN via Python, Digit Recognition via MLNN, XOR Logic via MLNN & Back-propagation
• Models for Predictive Forecasting & Churn Analytics

Vector Machines

• Concept & Principles
• Mathematical Modeling & Function Optimization
• Kernel Method, Non-linear Hyperplanes
• SVM Programming via Python
• Detection Models


• Clustering – Hierarchical & K Means
• Clustering via Python, K-Means Use-cases
• Cluster Size Optimization vs Definition Optimization
• Live Applications

Natural Language Processing

• NLP Concepts – Processing & Generation
• Semantic & Syntactic Analysis
• Language Translation
• NLTK & Textblob
• Sentiment Analysis
• NLP Real-time Models

Course List

Big Data & Hadoop
Apache Spark & Scala
Data Sciences via R
Java & Selenium
Angular 5
Python & Django
Hadoop Admin
Machine Learning

Course List